3D Virtually There was founded in 2019 as a company dedicated to implementing 3D technology for our diverse clients.

Since our founding, we've grown into a professional and friendly team with the experience and knowledge to deliver the precise 3D imaging solutions you require. Our technicians are all extremely skilled with our technologies, including LIDAR scanning, videography, Matterport software, and more. As a team, we hold a UAS Part 107 Drone License, are a Matterport service provider, a Reality Capture Experts member, and have completed Trimble X7 training.

Our mastery of various 3D imaging techniques allows us to develop the best 3D imaging plan depending on our clients' needs. We stand out by offering innovative solutions.


Use our technological expertise to help as many clients as possible get premium 3D imaging solutions.

We're proud to say we've been able to perform to these expectations. We've helped a wide range of clients by providing detailed digital models of real-world environments and objects, translating the world into digitally manipulatable data configurations.

We aspire to broaden our horizons with every new project we undertake as we learn new ways to utilize our technologies creatively. Even if your project is unlike anything we've completed before, we always appreciate the opportunity to expand our abilities through finding new methods for interesting clients.

In this way, we hope to help both our businesses grow and thrive, working together on creative projects that push 3D technology forward.


3D Virtually There always wants to explore our imaging solutions with new clients. Every project is an opportunity to learn while applying our expertise in new ways. Get in touch with us today at (602) 810-7496 to partner with your imaging specialists.